Feeling Old? Then Reverse it, baby.


Feeling Old? Then Reverse it, baby.

Like the main character in the movie Benjamin Button, I am becoming younger as I


47. Sounds old. Could be old, especially if one sports ‘Mom Jeans’ and those bobs

that curl under at the ends. But 47—or any age—doesn’t have to mean the end of

being youthful. Our age is truly a perception in our mind, just as everything else is in this so-called

reality of life.

These 4 tips will help strengthen the age you are no matter what age it is, so you can

defy the numbers and live as young as you feel.

1. Don’t let “too busy” be your excuse for living less.

In my childbearing 30s, I was really busy.

Busy being a baby maker.

Busy trying to make headway toward my bright future.

Busy chasing really fun parties and really stupid people.

Busy making a career for myself.

But I was also TOO busy.

Too busy to discover the meditation practice that grounds my attention now.

Too busy to have conversations that mattered.

Too busy to think about problems other than my own.

Too busy to see the stars at night and wonder about nothing and everything.

Ask yourself what kind of busy you want to be. If you’re too occupied by mundane

obligations to do the things that are important to you, challenge yourself to double

down on them.

The Dalai Lama was asked in an audience how often he meditated. He replied, I

meditate one hour a day… but if I am really busy, then I meditate 2 hours a day.

You know what is important to you. The things that slow you down are the things

that ground you in the present. Do meditative acts every day: yoga, meditation, a

long walk, reading the paper at leisure, or talking to a friend.


A Nobel prize-winning a biologist , Liz Blackburn, conducted a clinical trial to study

the effects of meditation on aging. Participants who meditated for three months

showed marked reduction in stress, as well as age-related conditions such as

diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

If you want to reverse the clock, start by sitting down with your mind and learning

to be still.

2. Gravitate to the ones you love. Always.

The friends I really admire don’t give a shit about what others think.

They are the ones who truly exhibit grace; they exude a no-nonsense attitude and

hold fire in their souls.

They don’t lie to make you feel better.

They don’t play around with your ego and blow it up like a helium balloon flying

high for the world to see.

They don’t take you for granted or ask things from you.

They are the rocks that stabilize your foundation.

They are the counselors that listen without caressing your feelings.

They can confront you with uncomfortable truths.

Nourish those relationships. Make time for these friends and enjoy what time you

spend together. If you have lost them, find them again and love them, because most

likely they will be waiting for you.

3. Rock your body in all its 40+ glory.



Maybe your belly button has post-child bearing wrinkles. Maybe your surface area

is no longer smooth and tan and flat…but the hills and valleys of the abdominal

region are a testimony to gourmet dinners, fine wines and gastronomical pleasures.

Your crow’s feet may be growing in number and the space between your eyebrows

may look like it’s been branded forever with the number 11.

This is character. Treat it with respect and embrace your body. Wear what your

inner diva tells you to wear and wear it with confidence. A confident woman is

more than her physical shape; a confident woman is defined by her posture, her

stride, her smile and her flattering wardrobe choices.


4. Forget about the number and tap into your wisdom age.

Society teaches us to lie almost from the start. We are trained to give false

compliments, fake our happiness and deny our true age. STOP IT NOW!! Start with

the simple truth of embracing your age and then live up to the wisdom your years

have to offer.

Learn the art of tapping into your own wisdom nature. That is the view of looking

inside oneself for answers and reflections.

Spend time alone every day. Journal your thoughts and explore your creativity.

We are all capable of touching the inner qualities of wisdom at any age; however,

reflecting on life experiences and suffering brings us to that place at a faster rate.

Wherever you are on the path of finding wisdom, explore yourself and question

your actions, your words and your intentions. Let your inner guide lead to outward



Tell me your story, share your own tips and join me on an anti-aging crusade to

embrace your wisdom age.  – Betty Riaz,  July 2014

Mom’s doing Yoga for Themselves

Yo yo, Moms! Moms sometimes get a bad rap.  Assumptions are made if you are Mom: you are too busy, too worried, too flustered, too unprepared. Sometimes people forget that there’s a person—and personality—behind the parent.

Omar & Ines

Moms tend to be sacrificial by nature. We intuitively martyr ourselves—giving up comfort or our own needs—often in unexpected ways. Many of our sacrifices involve nourishment or food:

We offer up our sandwiches if a co-worker has no lunch.

We bake cookies for our tribe.

We show love by feeding others, but sometimes we forget the importance of nourishing our own bodies and spirits.

As a yoga practioner, yoga teacher, studio owner, mother of two teenagers, and social creature by nature, I understand the complexities of motherhood in its many iterations. Mothering isn’t just about taking care of children. Mothers are everywhere: the woman caring for ill or aging parents; the woman bringing a fledgling business into being; the woman worrying about children of all ages, animals of all kinds, the planet, the universe. Mothers carry the world on their shoulders.

So it’s important to develop some STRONG shoulders!

My yoga practice does more than shape my body in a physical way. Yoga can help build a mindful body and mindful spirit. And when I live in a place of mindfulness, I am the best possible mother I can be.

Mindful Body. Pattabhi Jois said, “a stable body creates a stable mind.”  Practicing yoga teaches us to move mindfully. Our awareness of the body—and our breath moving through the body—on our yoga mat helps us flow, but it also helps us experience single-pointed awareness or sensory withdrawal. We relax and move with ease, creating a grounded, peaceful home for our mind and spirit.

Mindful Spirit. Paying attention to our spiritual soul is within our true nature. We begin to transform the idea of being a spiritual being to the idea of becoming a divine being that inhabits a physical body. According to psychologist Carl Jung, “We are in this world but not of it. We are now able to observe ourselves from a different perspective. We are now capable to step out of our own mind, out of our own body and understand who we really are, to see things the way they are. We become the observer of our lives.”

Come as your true self to practice. Try and practice in a place devoid of noise, distractions and clutter. Make your practice your sanctuary! Yoga will inspire change in the body and mind that will help you and in turn, those you help.  After all, a better you makes for a better everything. Jois reminds us: “Practice and all will come.”

The Mysterious Practice of Meditation

The Mysterious Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a mystery to those who have not experienced it.  Part of the trouble is that the language of meditation can seem esoteric; we’re talking about the mind and our experiences in the mind, which can be difficult to articulate.  The best way to demystify this enigma is through practice and experience.

It is only thru the experiential level that one can truly understand the power and simplicity of meditation.  It’s an interconnected phenomenon that can radically change one’s outlook on life.  Below are some key milestones of the development of the mind:

• First, one begins to Mediate on a daily basis.
• Then, one’s perspective on life completely changes.
• Lastly, one’s life DOES change based on new attitude, different decision making, less reaction & more action,  and positive energy

Everyday situations that initially seem overly complex can begin to unravel one by one, like the layers of an onion. Perhaps we’ve been stuck in the same job, or our partner doesn’t love us how we want them to, or life just isn’t fair—‘others are always getting better opportunities than we are’.  We blame these things on the fact that we [are just] unlucky and there is nothing to do about it.   Meditation can help us reduce our attachment to the WAY things are so we can better understand WHY things are.  Just simply reality for what it is.

Meditation helps us understand that changing our external circumstances begins with changing our mental attitude. We can attend a zillion yoga classes, read self help books, talk to therapists and complain to others. But until we stop the runaway train of our minds and simply sit with the reality as it truly is, we won’t find the kind of clarity that leads to happiness, contentment and joy.

Meditation doesn’t make our problems disappear; meditation helps us see our problems clearly, and makes mental space for solutions to arise.

That is the beauty of meditation.

The beauty of taking control of one’s outlook.

The beauty of understanding our motives.

Understanding our mistakes.

The beauty of moving past the clutter in the mind and towards inner peace.

Three easy steps to commit to the practice of meditation:

1.  Make a commitment to sit.  Join a class. Attend an online course. Read a book about meditation—there are so many to choose from! Take baby steps at first. Once you learn the basics, start small. Five minutes a day will lead to 10 minutes, then 15…

2.  Ask for support from your friends and family.  Let them know about your commitment to meditate. A sangha of like-minded friends is the best framework for support.

3.  Do NOT waver!  Times will get tough and your mind will wander like a monkey leaping from tree to tree in the jungle. You are not alone in this—in fact, this state of mental unrest is known as “monkey mind”! Keep coming back to your practice again and again, and eventually the monkey will get comfortable and take a nap.

By learning the technique and practice of meditation, you will begin to develop wisdom derived from deep within the subtle body.  From that, you will begin to know yourself. When we know ourselves, we can begin the slow process of knowing others and developing compassion and equanimity for all sentient beings.

– betty

“The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.”
Deepak Chopra



My Mecca

MECCA – This word embodies for me all great things coming together.

I write this to inspire, to create, to spread all good vibes and to encourage each and every person that we all have the potential in creating our own personal Mecca.

I have many Mecca’s.  They can take form in cities, cultures, fashion, people or postures.  The Yogini in me is eccentric; I crave experiences in sensation that involve my body, mind and Sole (yes, no typo here, I mean Sole as in Shoe)  This usually entails some sort of Food Nirvana to satisfy my body cravings, a transformative Yoga Practice to clear the mind and lastly a place where Sex and the City meets Saks and the Wallet.  The shoe department.

Let’s get real:  There is no real Mecca until you have experienced all of this in NEW YORK CITY!

Therefore, I officially dedicate my first blog entry to NYC otherwise known as the Mecca of  Eccentric Style,  Food, and Fashion.

So begins your immersion into my New York City.   Begin to visualize yourself transported to a place where the honking of taxi horns represent the drum beat of the city , the brisk walking is purposeful energetic dance and the smell of smoke and grit is your erotic perfume.

Your immersion will include a deeper look into the Yoga, Fashion, and Lifestyle!

Stay tuned for your first immersion into New York City Mecca.