the way of the yogi

The way of the yogi is beyond time and space. 
The yogi heart follows the path of seeing beyond eyes. 
The yogi sees the poisonous waters in the well of emotions and drinks a little each day
The yogi smells the fire of craving and rubs the ashes in their face
The yogi tastes the poison of ignorance and fuels it with generosity
The yogi touches the body of enjoyment and takes it to mount meru
They scorn at discontentment and smile upon chaos
The yogi laughs at the faults of themselves yet embraces the faults of others

The yogi heart beats like no other .
It beats to the drumming of the elements in harmony in nature . 
It beats to the whistling of the songs playing in nirvana's realm. 
It beats with the continuous chant of love and compassion spread far and wide .
The yogi heart beats stronger than then ocean of whimpering souls
The yogi hearts mends on its own and never ceases to grow .

The yogi heart will never die.
The yogi doesn't sleep with ordinary mind .  
They hold the night and stars as dream weavers of long ago.
They direct the course of the starry sky and navigate a world of fantasy .  
The yogi see demons with fieryscorn and slashes them with Manjushri's sword .

The yogi battles the continuum of reality with the sword of clarity  
Then the yogi ceases to battle anymore. 
When the battle is done, the yogi finds an ultimate place to reside
In the nature of all things to become one
The yogi rests at ease
The way of the yogi is beyond time and space. 

betty riaz - january 2016

Betty Riaz