—  PRACTICE with betty at stil studio —



Explore the posture Padmasana or Lotus with Betty. In this 30 minute Fluid Yoga flow, Betty guides you through various standing postures to build heat, half lotus variations as well as warming up to the full variation of Lotus Pose. Have fun in this quick flow packed with many variations and hip openers.
This is a 30 minute vinyasa flow that builds quick heat in the body. In this 30 min, we will practice standing Warrior Postures, Side Crow Arm Balance, Headstand prep and Sirsasana/ This yoga flow ends with a slow stretches and a relaxing guided meditation. Shot on location at Quincy Quarries, MA.
This 20 Minute Practice will leave your heart open and your body relaxed. SPA Yoga is a slow flow, floor-based restorative yoga class rooted in the Fluid Yoga style of sequencing. This class appeals to all of the body's senses and transports you to new heights of relaxation.

In this 60 minute Fluid Yoga Vinyasa Flow, we will explore standing balances that will lead us up to Eka Pada Galavasana Arm Balance as well as Tripod Headstand, Standing Split and the ultimate hamstring opener, Kurmasana. Towards the end of practice, your hips will be mesmerized with luscious restorative hip opening postures.